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JewishGen Volunteers, comp. Ukraine : registres du cimetière de Lviv, 1941 à 1942 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Données originales : Lviv Cemetery Records, 1941-1942 (Yad Vasehm Archives M.52 371); Documentation from regional archives in the Ukraine, Record Group M52; Yad Vashem Archives, Jerusalem, Israel. This data is provided in partnership with

 Ukraine : registres du cimetière de Lviv, 1941 à 1942

Cette base de données est une liste des personnes enterrées dans le cimetière de la communauté juive de Lviv entre 1941 et 1942. Pendant cette période des milliers de juifs ont été tués dans cette région pour diverses raisons. La base de données inclut les informations suivantes : nom du défunt, âge au décès, date du décès, date d’enterrement, dernière résidence et information sur la sépulture.

Lviv (Lvov) is a city in the historical region of Eastern Galicia, or in present-day Ukraine. From 1772 to 1918 it was under Austrian rule, and in the interwar period it was a provincial capital in independent Poland. In 1939 it had a Jewish population of 110,000 - the third largest Jewish community in the country at the time.

About this Database:

This database is a list of those buried in the graveyard of the Jewish community of Lviv during the years 1941-1942. During this period thousands of Jews were killed in the area for various reasons. Some of these include:

  • Accusations of taking part in the execution of Ukrainian political prisoners whose bodies were discovered by the NKVD (Soviet political police)

  • Forced labor

  • Elderly and sick killed during moving to a ghetto

  • Extermination camps

  • Lacked ownership of employment cards or certificates

  • Hangings

  • Classified as "illegals"

  • Not classified as "vitally important"

The lists used to compile this database come from 3 separate files: two files dated 1941 and 1942, in Roman characters; and a third file, dated 1941, in Cyrillic. There are a total of 9,174 records in the three files: 1,364 in the Cyrillic; 1,756 and 6,054 in the two files in Roman characters.

The Cyrillic file has the following fields:

  • Number

  • Surname

  • Given Name

  • Age at death

  • Date of Death

  • Street Address

  • Burial Date

  • An unidentified field

  • Plot number

  • Plot cost

The fields in the files written in Roman characters are:

  • Page number

  • Serial Number

  • Surname

  • Given name

  • Honorary title

  • Age at death

  • Date of death

  • Last known address (transcribed)

  • Last known address (from web site for Ulice Lwowa):

  • Date of burial

  • Plot location/sector and tomb

  • Price

This list comes from Yad Vashem archive file M.52 371, but was originally obtained from the Government Archive of the L'vov Oblast (Gosudarstvenny Arkhiv Lvovskoy Oblasti), Lvov, Ukraine.