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David Rosen, comp. Annonces de mariage du journal The Boston Jewish Advocate, 1905 à 2007 [base de données en ligne]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.
Données originales : Jewish Advocate. Boston, MA: Jewish Advocate, 1905-2007. This data is provided in partnership with

 Annonces de mariage du journal The Boston Jewish Advocate, 1905 à 2007

Cette base de donnée est un index de 27 407 annonces de mariage du journal The Boston Jewish Advocate compilées par David Rosen. Cet index comprend toutes les publications du Jewish Advocate, de 1905 jusqu’au mois de décembre 2007. Pour chaque entrée, l’index inclut les noms complets des mariés, la date de publication du numéro du Boston Jewish Advocate dans lequel l’annonce apparaît et, si disponibles, les noms des parents et les villes natales.

This database is an index of 27,407 wedding announcement notices appearing in the Boston Jewish Advocate, compiled by David Rosen. This index covers the entire run of the Jewish Advocate, 1905 thru Dec 2007. For each entry, the index contains the full names of the bride and groom, the date of issue of the Boston Jewish Advocate in which the announcement appeared and, if given, the names of the parents, and home towns. The original wedding announcements are often accompanied by a photo, brief bios of the couple, reference to grandparents, and may identify other wedding party members. Copies can be obtained from microfilmed issues of the Jewish Advocate.

The Boston Jewish Advocate is published weekly. To view the actual wedding announcements which this database indexes, consult back issues of the Jewish Advocate on microfilm. Microfilms of the back issues (110+ reels) are available at several libraries, including: Boston Public Library (Boston, MA): [AN2.M4J4]; Hebrew College Library (Newton, MA); Lamont Library, Harvard University (Cambridge, MA): [Film NC 497]; Goldfarb Library, Brandeis University (Waltham, MA): [AJHS Depository]; New York Public Library (New York, NY): [*ZAN-*P41]; Library of Congress (Washington, DC): [96/4713].